''I felt listened to without being judged, with an attitude of kindness.

Your repeated reformulations helped me to broaden the perspective about my situation. For instance, when you integrated the meaning that I give to the notion of quality of life, it enlarged and completed what I normally understand about this term. You also rapidly spotted where the real problem was lying.

I feel good after this session and I have a clear mind again.

M.H. Training Coordinator


''I am very happy as I have the impression to have understood many things, to have made progress. I particularly feel stronger, more motivated and positive that four months ago.

I have the impression that at the end of the process of determined session, everything became meaningful, which allowed me to relate it to my behaviour in everyday life. The penny dropped. These sessions helped to integrate my way of funcitonning.

Thank you again for your precious support during this process and certainly to the next time. 

A.M. Project Manager

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