'' Could it be so simple ?

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

Marianne Williamson

Achieving your goals is easier than you think !

  • Health, the well-being that you wish to have
  • Harmony, in the relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and colleagues
  • Prosperity, your relation to abundance and money

Are you ready to move your life forward, but feel stuck, lack the confidence, or feel unsure how to begin ?

Discover the power of training your Emotional Coherence!

Together, we will succeed

  • Accessing and trusting your natural intuition, then act on it immediately.
  • Clarifying where you want to go, in coherence with your essential purpose and your values.
  • Eliminating the barriers and conditionings that prevent you from achieving your goals.

You will then be able to

  • Transform yourself and the world around you from a place of wholeness, not blocked by fearful emotion or doubt.
  • Fulfil your personal dreams and professional aspirations.

What you will receive

Professional coaching sessions and training workshops - for individuals and small groups -. I offer you :

  • A safe, proven way, making use of the most efficient tools of contemporary coaching.
  • Individual sessions and workshops, held in surroundings where your inner strength can be nurtured and activated.
  • Sessions in French, English and Spanish; also by Skype or phone.

Get Started Today

  • First 30 min free consultation
  • Package options available for a predefined issue
  • Ask about the popular “Flash Session”, when you need a solution fast
  • Try the new Bio resonance technology to improve your concentration and learning faculties … and much more !

Do you dare to dream?

  Cristina DELLAMULA
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Awareness without action is worthless

Phil Mc Graw

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